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All of our products are sold and stored refrigerated.
All jars are labeled “Keep Refrigerated,” and need to be sold in a cold case.

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Why Lusty Monk is different from the rest.

Restaurants, Food Trucks, Caterers, Chefs

This mustard has punch. It’s a robust, coarse-ground, full-heat mustard. “Delicate” is not a word anyone has ever used to describe it. A strong, assertive mustard, with just a touch of sweetness from the apple cider vinegar.

But if you want to kick it up a notch, this is the mustard you want. Just a tad (a little goes a long way) can brighten your dishes, heighten your flavors, and take things to the next level. It plays well with others. Up your salad game, revolutionize your sauces, pump up your grilled foods.

For cold dishes, it adds noticeable zing to sauces, dressings, and salads. When you cook with it, the pungency mellows out to a wonderful, slightly sweet mustardy flavor.


Here are some of the best places for our mustard:
Cheese case
Charcuterie case
Deli case
Reach-in coolers with beer or wine
Butcher shops

A perfect addition to your cold case. With colorful, slightly irreverent labels, they thrive next to charcuterie, and are a happy companion to cheeses and meats. Wonderful during the gift-giving season.

Medieval Critters
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Asheville Area: We do a limited number of direct deliveries around town, but due to a small staff, we'll usually refer you to a wonderful local distributor.
Minimum: $70 minimum order for delivery.

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What: We can ship 12-pack cases of all three flavors of our 9 oz retail jars. Can do mixed cases. We don't currently ship gallons.

When: We routinely ship three days a week, usually on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you need to double check on a ship date, email us at

How: Most orders go UPS ground.

Where: We happily ship to the continental United States, but right now we don’t ship internationally.

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