The Confessional

“Hot and spicy
Muy nicey!
Best you’ll find at any pricey
Spread on cracker
Spread on bread
Spread on anything where taste is dead
Slather on,
Eat up, get fed
Ignite yo tongue and please yo head!”

~Frank, Greenville NC

“Makes my tongue believe in God.”
~Mike, Atlanta GA

“That stuff’ll make a blind man see.”
~JT, Asheville NC

The Lust is a MUST!”
~proud member of the Lusty Monk hockey team

“This stuff is ORGASMIC.”
~Larry, Johnson City TN

“PLEASE send us 6 or more bottles of the Lusty Monk mustard RIGHT NOW! That is the best mustard on the earth. It makes EVERYTHING taste better.”
~Musa & Vita, New Orleans LA